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Hello, Minecraft enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the intricate world of Integrated Dynamics. From the elusive Menril Trees to the technological marvels they unlock, this guide is your one-stop resource for mastering the nuances of Menril in Modded Minecraft.

Finding Menril Trees

To kickstart your adventure, your first mission is to track down Menril Trees, typically nestled in Meneglin Biomes.

Nature’s Compass

Finding the Meneglin Biome using a Nature's Compass

If your mod pack includes this mod, you can find these biomes with the help of a Nature’s Compass. Simply right-click using your Nature’s Compass, search for the Meneglin Biome, and start traveling!

Farming for Blockheads

Buying a Menril Sapling from the Market block from the Farming for Blockheads mod

You can also buy a Menril Sapling from the Market for 1 Emerald if your mod pack includes this mod.

Farming Menril Trees

Once you get some saplings, you can farm them the Vanilla way to get more logs or use another farming mod in your mod pack to make this process faster/automatable.


BotanyPots Menril Sapling

Botany Pots and Hopper Botany Pots are also a great way to farm Menril Trees and their drops without having the tree spawn and take up space.

Getting Menril Resin & Crystallized Menril Chunks

Unlocking the coveted Crystallized Menril Chunks demands a meticulous process.

You can obtain Crystallized Menril Chunks by obtaining Menril Resin from a Squeezer and drying it in a Drying Basin.

This can be done by crafting and placing a Squeezer next to a Drying Basin. Place the Menril Log in the Squeezer and jump on it until it’s flat. Once that has been done, the Drying Basin will fill up with Resin and will turn the Resin into a Block of Crystallized Menril after some time. You can then craft the Block of Crystallized Menril into 9x Crystallized Menril Chunks.

If you want to repeat the process, you can reset the Squeezer by applying a redstone pulse. (Button, Lever, etc.)

To automate this process later on, you will need to upgrade these blocks into their more advanced versions: the Mechanical Squeezer and the Mechanical Drying Basin.

Industrial Foregoing: Core

Industrial Foregoing: Core - Fluid Extractor for Menril Resin

You can also obtain Menril Resin by using a Fluid Extractor from Industrial Foregoing: Core. This process is a lot slower but can be a viable way to automate this process before getting a Mechanical Squeezer.


As you navigate the intricacies of Integrated Dynamics, armed with insights into locating, cultivating, and harvesting Menril resources, may your Minecraft journey be one of informed mastery. Embrace the technology of Menril, traverse dimensions powered by innovation, and elevate your gameplay through the fascinating world of Modded Minecraft. The expansive realm of Minecraft awaits – venture forth and become a connoisseur of Menril technology!

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