So you have just downloaded the mod pack and started a new world. Now what? There are so many mods in this mod pack that it can be overwhelming but in this guide, we will show you some of the best ways to get started in Infinity Evolved.

Find a village

Finding a village will help tremendously in starting out. Villages will often come with a pre-made Smeltery and other valuable resources that will help speed up gameplay. To find one, you can run around and check your Map (J key) until you see Village structures.

Minecraft Village with Smeltery in Infinity Evolved
Minecraft Village in Infinity Evolved

Once you find a village, I would recommend trapping villagers inside their houses until you can be sure monsters cant spawn and kill them. Alternatively, make sure you go to sleep every night so monsters do not spawn in the first place.

Setup a Smeltery

If you found a smeltery in a village, then half the work is complete. Otherwise, you will need to do a lot of digging for clay/sand and make the smeltery bricks from scratch.

Tinker's Construct Smeltery

The smeltery will be incredibly useful as it doubles the output from ores as well as creates casts which you will need for creating new tools with the tool forge.

Create a Tinker’s Construct Tool Forge

Creating a Tinker’s tool forge will unlock many different tools that drastically speed up resource collection. The Excavator will allow you to shovel in a 3×3 square. The Lumber Axe will allow you to fell trees. The Hammer will allow you to mine in a 3×3 square. There are a lot more tools as well but these are the main three I use the most.

Tinker's Construct Tool Forge GUI
Tinker’s Construct Tool Forge GUI

These tools along with ore doubling will elevate you to reach more milestones in this mod pack. The next few steps will be up to your own preference.

Storage Management

The easiest way to get into storage management would be through the Storage Drawers mod. This mod allows you to craft per item storage which is helpful after mining a chest’s worth of cobblestone. Adding a Drawer Controller allows you to quickly unload your inventory into your drawers by right-clicking it.

Storage Drawer system with a Drawer Controller and Compacting Drawers
Storage Drawer system with a Drawer Controller and Compacting Drawers

Once you get pretty set up, you should then work on creating an ME System by Applied Energistics 2 for storage and automated crafting. I will make a more in-depth guide on this later on.

Automate Resources

Now that you have a surplus of resources, a good way to make sure you never run out is to start automating. Here are a few general ways you can automate resources in Infinity Evolved.

Automated Tree Farm / Automated Food Farm

By using a Planter and a Harvester, you can automate logs/food production using RF. These are relatively easy machines to build so they are great for getting started in Infinity Evolved.

MineFactory Reloaded Planter and Harvester setup
MineFactory Reloaded Planter and Harvester setup

Automatic Ore Mining

A good way to get some ores early on would be to use a Mining Turtle. It is relatively cheap and mines well.

ComputerCraft Mining Turtle
ComputerCraft Mining Turtle

(Note: Some servers may disable the use of Turtles)

A more advanced early game ore automation would be to use the Immersive Engineering Excavator. This will cost a lot of steel so you will want to start those Coke Ovens and blast furnaces early on! They will require up to 4096 RF/tick but a fully powered Excavator can mine up to one ore every 3 seconds!


From here you have your own preference on what to explore next! There are many routes you can go with from Magic to more Automation, to Bees! The possibilities are Infinite!

I hope this guide helped you in getting started in Infinity Evolved! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment and I will reply to you. Otherwise, please feel free to check out more of our Minecraft content here.

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