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If you are like me, you may have imported your Mekanism gasses (such as Methane) into your Refined Storage system and had no idea how to export it since it does not act in the same way as other liquids. Normally, you could grab a bucket from your Fluid Grid, but Mekanism gasses are not actually fluids so it does not work the same way. In order to get your gasses out of your Refined System storage, keep on reading!

Methane Gas in a Refined Storage System

Using the Refined Storage Exporter

The easiest way to retrieve these gases would be to use the Refined Storage Exporter. You may have already thought of this, but unfortunately, I personally found the official Refined Storage documentation to be severely lacking when I ran into this issue. To use it, you will need to place down a Tank (or some other gas storage) and make sure the exporter is connected to your system and pointing towards the Tank.

Refined Storage Exporter pointing to a Wood Tank (FluidTank)

Configuring the Exporter

First, you will need to make sure that the Type is set on “Fluids”. This will allow the exporter to export fluids/gasses instead of items (which is the default).

Exporter Type is set on Fluids

Secondly, you will need to specify the gas to export. There are two ways to do this and each will have its own requirements.

Option 1: Using a container of the corresponding gas

You will need a container (bucket/cell/can/tank/etc.) of the corresponding gas in order to do this method. You will click on the gas container in your inventory and, while it is selected, click on the importer slot to filter by that gas type.
(Hint: You can use a Tank from FluidTanks if you have less than 1000ml available)

Filtering Refined Storage Exporter by Methane gas using a Wood Tank

Option 2: Using JEI

For this method, you will need to have JEI installed and set to Cheat Mode. To do this, you will need CTRL + Click on the Wrench next to the JEI search bar.

JEI with Cheat Mode activated

Once this is enabled, you can search up a container of the gas (Can of Methane) and drag it to the Exporter filter slot.

Using JEI Cheat Mode to set the Exporter filter


If you have done everything correctly, your Tank (or other container) should be filling up with your specified Mekanism gas. Now you should know how to Export Mekanism Gasses from Refined Storage.

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